October 17, 2021
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See Mercury With Your Own Naked Eyes Just As Halley’s Comet Fireballs Strike: What You Can See In The Night Sky This Week

Each Monday I pick out the northern hemisphere’s celestial highlights (mid-northern latitudes) for the week ahead, but be sure to check my main feed for more in-depth articles on stargazing, astronomy, eclipses and more.  What To Watch For In The Night Sky This Week: May 3-9, 2021 It’s time to go stargazing. With the “Super Pink Moon” out ...
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Defining The Metaverse Today

How would you define the metaverse? Is it one metaverse? Is it multiple metaverses? Is the term metaverse the term we should use? Is the metaverse here, or is it being created? So many questions arise when one is asked to define the term metaverse. Defining the term in 2021 is not a simple task.  Google the term metaverse and you’ll find se...
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Africa Needs Electricity Now More Than Ever, Especially To Keep COVID-19 Vaccines Cold

Solar energy conjures up images of solar panels on rooftops. The depiction is especially true in Africa, where about 600 million people are without reliable access to power — power to keep the lights on and power to keep the COVID-19 vaccine frozen. Africa’s economy has experienced solid growth at an average of 3.7% throughout the continent. Tha...
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Indian Billionaire Urges Government To Impose Lockdowns In India As New Covid Deaths Reach Another High

ToplineDespite international aid efforts ramping up, the second wave of Covid-19 infections in India continues to intensify, yielding a new record high for daily deaths on Sunday and prompting an outcry—from businessmen and public officials alike—for government intervention to help ease the rate of infection. Key Facts In a Sunday stat...
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Joe Rogan Asks Why Younger, Healthy People Should Get Covid-19 Vaccines, Here’s Why

Oops, Joe Rogan did it again. While it’s not fair to characterize Rogan as “anti-vaxx,” he did repeat a misconception about the Covid-19 vaccine. Not once but twice. Back on the April 23 episode of his popular Spotify podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Rogan had said, “I’ve said, yeah, I think for the most part it's safe to get vaccinated. I do....