November 17, 2021
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Does nuclear secrecy make us more secure? New book offers counterargument

Enlarge / A "Restricted Data" classification stamp on a document from the US Atomic Energy Commission in the early 1950s. The document pertains to the classification of opacity calculations that were part of the work on the hydrogen bomb. The document is no longer classified and is available in the US National Archives.Alexander Wellerstein/CC-BY-3...
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This miniature version of Starry Night was made with a “laser paintbrush”

Blurring the lines between science and art: researchers used a "laser paintbrush" to create art on metallic canvases.Researchers at ITMO University in Russia have created a "laser paintbrush" capable of creating localized color on a metallic canvas, using their method to create miniaturized replicas of various works of art—including Vincent van Gog...