October 17, 2021
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Make your money more exciting — by keeping it boring

The idea of gaining wealth in flashy ways isn’t new. After all, Charles Ponzi, for whom Ponzi schemes were named, defrauded investors more than 100 years ago with a get-rich-quick scheme built on a foundation of lies. Today, speculative investments, multilevel marketing companies and other risky efforts to turn a profit still lay seductive traps.Yo...

Ex-official, pawnbrokers indicted in scheme

NEWARK — A former government official and two pawnbrokers were indicted on Friday in connection with a scam that helped the businessmen acquire and then redevelop city-owned properties, according to acting U.S. Attorney Rachael Honig.Carmelo García, the official, and Irwin Sablosky and Frank Valvano Jr., who co-owned a jewelry business, each face m...