October 19, 2021
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Overcrowded orbit: how space tech is helping direct traffic around Earth

On October 6, 1957, Russia’s Sputnik 1 made history as man’s first satellite to reach into space. Today, an estimated 6,000 satellites are making the rounds in Earth’s lower orbit, along what has become a busy satellite superhighway. Private industry is driving a space boom. Over the next several years, companies like Amazon and SpaceX plan to laun...
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Mission to Mars: Canadian ‘Ingenuity’ gets us closer to the red planet

Farah Alibay is living her dream to unlock the mysteries of Mars. But the 28-year-old Canadian engineer is also helping to chart a new path in aviation history — and doing it on another world.Alibay is part of a team of engineers that designed and tested a space helicopter — nicknamed “Ingenuity” — that is set to take off over the red planet in the...