October 19, 2021
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New technology helps detect early breast cancer

Rio Grande Regional Hospital has a new piece of equipment to help them detect breast cancer in patients, and they say it’s a game changer for the Valley. The new 3D graphic mammography system arrived at Rio Grande Regional Hospital around the end of August and one doctor says it’s already made a world of difference. “Tomosynthesis helps us detect ...

Hi-tech fingerprint scanner to help solve crimes in Dubai

Forensic experts at Dubai Police have developed a smart device to scan fingerprints at crime scenes and transfer them directly to a database to look for matches immediately.The crime-fighting tool is equipped with a 10k lens to hone in on prints, and white and ultraviolet beams to boost accuracy.The cutting-edge device works better in extreme heat ...

Young farmers are bringing new technology to Stokes County

STOKES COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — The number of farms in North Carolina continues to decline year after year.  One reason, the majority of the farmers in our state are past retirement age. Seventy-five percent are older than 65. But there are newcomers, like the owners of Saura Creek Farm in Stokes County.  The couple, who are in their e...

Tinder launches Explore section in India: Here are the details

Tinder has confirmed that it is introducing a new ‘Explore’ section in India, which will bring various new interactive experiences to the dating app. Users will now get more control, over the people they interact with, and will be able to navigate through profiles arranged by interest. Tinder’s new update will allow users to chat before they match ...