October 20, 2021

CBIA Energy Connections Team Warns of Contract Scam |

Over the past month, several CBIA member companies have been unwittingly switched to a new electricity contract after speaking with an energy broker or supplier promising lower than market rates.

CBIA Energy Connections director of operations Tom Guerra says the scam is called “slamming,” and begins when an unscrupulous broker/supplier calls a business from a toll-free telephone number.

“They request a copy of the customer’s invoice, which they build into a contract, and then use a recording of the customer’s voice as consent to execute the new contract without their signature, and often, knowledge,” Guerra explained.

This results in cancellation of the target business’ existing agreement and generates a substantial early termination fee.

“As such, it is in your best interest to never give your account information to anyone over the phone who you don’t fully know,” Guerra…

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