September 19, 2021
General News

Charles Marino, Former Homeland Security Advisor, Warns of Dangerously Rushed Vetting of Afghani Refugees

Charles Marino, CEO of Sentinel Security, former Homeland Security Advisor, and nationally recognized expert on geopolitics and national security, delivered a scathing review of the processes in place for vetting a wave of Afghan refugees entering the United States in the wake of the US Military withdrawal. Speaking with David Asman on Fox Business, Marino warned that the speed with which evacuations and relocations have taken place, coupled with the sheer volume of Afghanis entering the United States, could lead to terrorists entering the country.

In addition to the large number of Afghanis needing to be processed, Marino warned that the information available on them may be insufficient. “Vetting is only as good as the systems you’re vetting against,” he told Asman, pointing out that the U.S. military and intelligence agencies have no information on many…

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