November 17, 2021

Cheryl Parson: Tips to avoid QR code scams

In 1994, a company you’ve probably never heard of invented something you see every day on millions of products and printed materials and almost always look past.

The company you’ve never heard of is the Japanese automotive company, Denso Wave. They needed a way to incorporate more scannable information than a barcode could contain. Information, such as parts identification, location, tracking, links to online data, and other applications needed to be quickly read and instantly accessible.

The invention you see, but seldom take note of, is the ubiquitous QR (quick response) code. A QR code is the pixelated black and white square affixed to almost everything. In 2017 Apple made it easier for consumers to access tons of information by just pointing our smart phone at the QR code.

The spread of QR codes has also allowed other businesses to insert powerful tools for gathering…

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