July 31, 2021

Cheryl Parson: Traveling? When booking a hotel room, use cautious online practices

Hallelujah! The country is rapidly re-opening for business after the crushing pandemic closings. With a growing feeling of liberation, Americans are primed for vacation travel again! In fact, according to a recent Skift Resource Travel Tracker survey, more than 70% of Americans intend to travel in 2021.

That means a crush of anxious people are booking rooms and staying in hotels. As we’ve said before, anytime there is news affecting a lot of people, scammers take notice. They know anxious people are easy targets in their never-ending goal of separating people from their cash.

Scammers also know, historically, hotels have been easy paths to their targets. If you are planning on traveling and staying in a hotel room soon, be aware of several scams being imposed on travelers.

Scammers are smart. They begin their efforts to rip people off by focusing on websites where travelers hope to…

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