November 17, 2021

Child Tax Credit scam urges parents to click bad link that will steal your $300 and personal information

HOUSEHOLDS are receiving Child Tax Credit payments and some Americans are getting scammed by the process.

Those eligible to receive cash are being targeted “using phone calls, emails, text messages, through social media.”


The IRS had warned taxpayers of these scams since JulyCredit: Getty

The warning

The IRS has been warning taxpayers of these scams since July when the $300 tax credit started.

“Thousands” of text messages and emails are sent out every day hoping “they’ll get people to respond and fall prey to their scam,” IRS Criminal Investigations claim.

The IRS says they will never ask you for money “using a gift card or wire transfer or painting via a cryptocurrency.”

‘The scam’

“The scam is fooling people to click a malicious link that leads to a fake IRS website,” technology expert Kurt Knutsson said on FOX Business’ Mornings with Maria Friday. 

“Another version of the same scam sends you to a message appearing…

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