September 27, 2021

‘Children Among Dead’ As US Drone Attacks Another Suicide Bomber

As many as three children were killed in a US drone strike in Kabul as US sources said the attack on the vehicle carrying Islamic State suicide bombers prevented another attack on the airport.

he boom of an explosion rolled across the city from the direction of the airport as dusk fell over Kabul yesterday afternoon.

The city was already on edge following last Thursday’s bombing of the crowds trying to get on US and Nato-led evacuation flights from Kabul airport.

The rumours quickly began to circulate – terrorists had hit the airport again. A rocket had blown up a house. A child had been killed. Only the last of those later proved, tragically, to be true.

The Taliban and the United States quickly issued near-simultaneous statements that were, for once, almost entirely in agreement.

The US said it destroyed an explosive-laden vehicle with an air strike in Kabul, hours after…

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