November 17, 2021

Circular economy concept may boost regional recycling, reuse

A person who places aluminum cans, glass bottles, plastic jugs and other approved materials out for curbside pickup or who takes them to a local dropoff location is recycling.

If that person goes out for a burger and fries and gets a napkin made from recycled paper, they’re part of the circular economy.

The Northwest Arkansas Council hopes people will do more of both.

The council worked with the Sustainability Consortium for a year studying recycling in the region to develop recommendations to keep waste out of the landfill. The Walmart Foundation paid for the study, which included Benton, Washington and Madison counties.

The Sustainability Consortium is a global organization. The Northwest Arkansas Council is an economic development organization collaborating with cities, schools and nonprofit groups on a number of issues to benefit the region.

The study was released last fall with…

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