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Clacton carer uses YouTube videos to stop £7000 scam — News For Finance

Clacton carer uses YouTube videos to stop £7000 scam

A CARER used knowledge gained on YouTube to stop his neighbour being scammed out of £7,000.

Keith Lawrence, 55, went to the aid of his neighbour, who is 64 and who was being targeted by conmen.

As part of what is known as a refund scam, the tricksters target locations with elderly populations and call at obscure times to catch potential victims off guard.

Keith said: “They called my neighbour at 7am so he assumed there was a serious problem.

“He didn’t have his glasses on and they tried to convince him something went wrong.

“He ended up giving them his credit card number and the three digit security number, which wasn’t ideal.”

Keith, of Tudor Estate, Jaywick, cleared his neighbour’s computer, but whilst doing so, the scammers kept calling his neighbour and this is how Keith recognised the scam.

He added: “From the YouTube videos I have watched, I knew what was going to happen next so,…

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