August 1, 2021
Real Estate

CMCo Clerk Shares Real Estate Market Insights with Chamber | News

SWAINTON – “In six months so far this year, we have seen the transaction totals that would equal a year’s normal results,” County Clerk Rita Rothberg told Cape May County Chamber of Commerce members, at a July 15 meeting, at the Avalon Links Restaurant. 

Rothberg noted that the last year and a half have been unlike anything the county has experienced since before the real estate bubble that ushered in the 2008 recession. 

“I see the trends, but I cannot explain them,” Rothberg added.  

She said that the frenzied activity is continuing, even with inventories of available properties at near-record lows.  

“When a property comes on the market, it causes a shark swarm,” Rothberg said. 

She confirmed her comments with statistics on…

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