August 1, 2021

Col Owens: It’s time to ditch Sen. Mitch McConnell’s plantation economy and move the country forward

Sen. Mitch McConnell berates the Biden Administration for providing enhanced unemployment compensation benefits in the American Rescue Plan to those unemployed during the pandemic. He claims workers are staying home because they make more with the government largesse than they can by working.

This argument just shows how out of touch McConnell and his disciples are. These workers, largely from the service and retail industries, don’t stay home because they don’t want to work. They stay home because they don’t want to work for poverty-level wages.

Col Owens

Once these unemployed workers have a more adequate amount of money, even if only for a short period of time, that trumps – no pun intended – their returning to work immediately.

That action on their part so outrages McConnell and friends — that low-wage workers would dare to act in their immediate…

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