September 27, 2021

College students need to be on the lookout for financial scams involving credit cards, mobile payment apps

College students are getting scammed at an alarming rate in Michigan and across the United States.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way many students are being targeted and the scams appear to be working.

Typically, many shady credit card companies or fake travel groups may set up shop in the student union to get the attention of students but because of safety protocols, they’re not allowed on campus.

Because they can’t access students in person they’re focused on scamming them using smartphones and emails.

Students returning to campus should be wary and keep an eye out for scams.

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Experts warn of scammers on mobile payment apps

It’s easier than ever to digitally send and receive money right from your smartphone — the trouble is, scammers know this, too.

With more people using digital payment apps like Venmo or Zelle, the Better…

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