August 5, 2021

Colorado Springs Airport seeing record number travelers, implements new TSA technology

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – The Colorado Springs airport is seeing a record number of travelers so far this summer and TSA is stepping up to do something about the travel screening times.

According to a study done by AAA almost 80% of Coloradans now feel more comfortable traveling. The study also says 70% of Coloradans have already traveled or are planning a trip this year. More than half say their trips are scheduled between July and September.

The Colorado Springs Airport has a new CT scan technology to make being scanned by TSA a little bit smoother. Lorie Dankers, a TSA spokesperson says “We know that with a CT scanners the officer getting a clear view of the contents of the bag reduces the number of the checks. Our officer will that screen the bag get a closer look at potential security threats, hopefully be able to clear that on screen and avoid a bag check”.


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