October 19, 2021

Colorado, Wyoming to receive $1 million in settlement in magazine subscription scam targeting older consumers – The Burlington Record

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser and Wyoming Attorney General Bridget Hill announced Tuesday a joint settlement of lawsuits filed against two companies that targeted consumers nationwide with deceptive mailers that sold overpriced magazine subscriptions designed to look like renewal notices for consumers’ legitimate existing subscriptions.

The Colorado and Wyoming Attorney General’s Offices, as well as the Better Business Bureau, received hundreds of complaints—largely from consumers over the age of 60—about these deceptive mailers.

One consumer, a 94-year-old, reported to the Colorado Attorney General’s Office that she sent more than $60 to Atlantic Publishers when she received what she thought was a renewal notice for her Time magazine subscription, but when she received the real renewal the next month, she called the magazine and was told they had not received her…

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