June 23, 2021
General News

Column: How Republicans perfected the politics of ‘No!’

Groucho Marx isn’t often hailed as a political oracle. But you can’t tell me he wasn’t channeling the future Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky in 1932, when he sang:

Your proposition may be good,
But let’s have one thing understood:
Whatever it is, I’m against it.
And even when you’ve changed it or condensed it — I’m against it!

That pretty well sums up how the Republican leader of the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body has greeted almost every proposal from the Biden administration.

McConnell hasn’t made a secret of his doctrine.

“One hundred percent of our focus is on stopping this new administration,” he said earlier this month.

That includes blocking even proposals that have bipartisan support, such as one that would establish an independent commission to investigate the Capitol riot of Jan. 6.

Such a probe would be a bad idea, McConnell said, because it would…

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