July 28, 2021
Real Estate

Combination of factors fueling residential real estate frenzy > Columbia Business Report

By Christina Lee Knauss

Columbia realtor Graeme Moore, owner of The Moore Co., recently had an experience that would be considered highly unusual in almost any other recent era of real estate sales except this one.

He sold an expensive home to a couple moving to Columbia from across the country for work who had never even physically seen the home before or walked around inside it.

“We had met before and looked at some houses in person, but on that trip, they didn’t find anything that worked,” Moore said. “They couldn’t swing coming back out here again because of issues with work and their kids, so they ended up having to buy basically sight unseen, using only photos and a video.”

Buying a house without ever seeing it in person isn’t the only unusual thing going on in the real estate market these days.

Increasingly common among realtors are tales of buyers…

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