September 27, 2021
Real Estate

Commercial Mortgages: Much of commercial real estate continues to surge despite delta variant | Business News

Led Zeppelin likely was not talking about economic forecasters in “Dazed and Confused,” a song the rock band made famous in its 1969 debut album, but the title aptly describes the dismal science today.

During the pandemic, it was clear that the new case curve of COVID-19 would dictate how the economy responded. As the vaccine reduced new cases, the economy roared back to life. There were clear winners from the lockdown and clear losers.

For real estate investors, the clear winners were industrial property owners and, in many markets, apartments. Retail properties and hotels were clear losers, and office properties were stuck in a sort of purgatory.

As pandemic fears started to go away, consumers began to spend heavily on experiences, eating out and traveling. The clear beneficiaries were hotel owners and retail properties. Office property owners continued to eye a return to…

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