July 28, 2021

Con artists marking Starbucks anniversary, too » Albuquerque Journal

For Starbucks fans — or even just fans of a good deal — beware of the Starbucks gift card scam that purports to celebrate the coffee chain’s 50th anniversary.

While it is, in fact, Starbucks’ 50th anniversary, the $100 gift cards making the rounds on Facebook are completely bogus, according to Scam Detector.

The post making this offer contains a link, which will direct you to a “poorly designed page” that asks you for your email address, Scam Detector says. Also, you will have to create a password and pay a $1.25 fee for what is referred to as a tax. To do that, you must submit your credit card information.

The poorly written page provides red flags about this fake offer and others…

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