November 17, 2021
General News

Contentious issues in a disruptive world — An interaction with students on geopolitics, geoeconomics and tech

Indo-Pacific has emerged as an important geopolitical concept in recent years, accentuating the inter-linked destinies of the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific regions. It has emerged as the arena of competition and rivalry, as well as of cooperation. The contestations in the waters of Indo-Pacific have assumed more significance given China’s increased strategic dominance backed by an aggressive geopolitical and geoeconomic agenda. Many trends, challenges and opportunities have been accentuated by the pandemic, including the need for rules-based order, rebalancing trade and supply chains, addressing weaknesses of multilateral institutions and ensuring a “Free, Open, Inclusive and Resilient” Indo-Pacific.

On the other hand, in the virtual world, digital multinationals have become the global change-makers by advancing products and…

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