November 14, 2021

‘Convincing Scam’ Alert From Alameda Police

ALAMEDA, CA — Scam artists pretending to be from Comcast are tricking people into allowing remote access to their computers, which gives them access to bank accounts and other sensitive information.

The Alameda Police Department has taken multiple reports of elderly people falling for the “convincing scam.”

Here is how it works, according to Alameda Police, “Unsuspecting victims reported receiving calls from a person claiming to be a representative of Comcast. During the conversations, the ‘representative’ informed the victims that their internet speed had slowed and maintenance was required. Once convincing the victims of the call’s legitimacy, the ‘representative’ obtained remote access to their computers. Under the guise of troubleshooting, the scammer discreetly accessed their personal information. Days later, the victims realized their bank accounts had been compromised.”


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