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Cornyn goes there on the NRA and its ‘business model’ — News For Finance

Cornyn goes there on the NRA and its ‘business model’

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Nobody has come in for more criticism from the right over the Senate’s bipartisan gun bill than Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.). Cornyn has spearheaded the negotiations and isn’t backing down despite the attacks — from Donald Trump, from Fox News and from his own state GOP.

And, in fact, Cornyn offered some pretty unvarnished comments Wednesday about the National Rifle Association — comments that amount to a significant and unusual rebuke of the nation’s leading gun group from a leading GOP senator.

While speaking to reporters about the bill, Cornyn emphasized that the NRA was consulted extensively. But he indicated that the group would never be onboard with pretty much anything because of its “business model.”

“We worked with the NRA, listened to their concerns, but in the end I think they simply — they have a membership and a business…

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