August 2, 2021

Coronavirus Outbreak at Sonoma County’s Largest Homeless Shelter Infects 47 Residents

  • Sonoma County officials said Thursday that 47 residents of Sam Jones L. Hall homeless shelter in Santa Rosa tested positive for COVID-19... The surge in cases is the second time the coronavirus has been detected in Sam Jones. Jenny Lin Holmes, head of the Homeless Service, a non-profit organization that manages shelters, said: [Delta] The variants react with homeless people in a very different way than the original COVID situation. [Press Democrat]
  • California requires everyone in the school to wear a mask, even though the CDC recommends another method. Government agencies announced on Friday that fully vaccinated people should have the option of not wearing masks indoors while in school. However, CA has not yet adopted these guidelines. The California Public Health Service will release more detailed kindergarten-to-high school guidance for schools on Monday. [Mercury News]
  • A San Jose man who planned a $ 3.6 million COVID-19…

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