October 20, 2021

Counterfeit “History” : Monson Scammed Promising Partnership In “World’s Largest Museum” Venture | Kerala | Deshabhimani

Kochi : Monson Mavunkal duped  massive sums, promising partnership in what he claimed would be world’s largest museum of historic artefacts – a scam that earned him  over Rs 10 crores. A complaint lodged with Chief Minister said, Monson was plotting his next scam of roughly Rs. 15,000 scam, where he  dupe more on pretext of buying antiques for museum in Qatar.  

Monson collected Rs 10 cores in spaced installments between   2017 and 2020. He collected Rs 1.5 crores initially toward commencing museum construction.  Later,  he came up with convincing reasons for additional funding, reaching the total to  Rs  10 crores  said MT Shameer who fell for  Monson’s promise of partnership in “world’s largest museum” venture.

Monson has an accomplice – a Thrissur native – in the Rs 15,000 crore con game he planned. In that, money would be collected for purchasing 93 items of antique value for a museum in Qatar….

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