July 28, 2021

Couple conned over $8K in scam using daughter’s voice | News

HALL County, Ga. (CBS46) — An elderly couple in hall county is over $8,000 dollars short tonight after scammers used a sophisticated plan to get in their pockets this week.

CBS46’s Tori Cooper spoke with the couple and the Better Business Bureau about how you can avoid scams.

George Schwartz said he thought he was answering his daughter’s plea for help, “The call came in around 2:17 and it sounded just like my daughter’s voice. She was panicking and crying. She said Dad I hit another car, I was in an accident and the lady in the other car was pregnant.”

Shortly after Schwartz said his daughter said she was being accused of texting and driving, that she had a broken nose, along with a lacerated lip, and she needed him to call the court appointed…

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