October 20, 2021

Cramer confident inflation will not end up crushing U.S. economy

CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Monday pushed back on fears that the U.S. economy could experience problematic levels of inflation during its recovery from the coronavirus pandemic-induced recession.

The “Mad Money” host said there’s no question price pressures are being felt across a range of commodities and industries. However, Cramer said it hardly means America is headed for a period of runaway inflation akin to the 1970s or even Germany after World War I.

“The economy’s not going to be wrecked by ruinous inflation, the stock market won’t crash because of government debt,” Cramer said. “I think we’re more likely to see a soft landing for this sonic-booming economy once the supply chain issues are ironed out and the enhanced unemployment benefits expire in September.”

Cramer said there are a number of economic positives that make him confident the extreme inflation forecasts are unlikely to…

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