September 24, 2021

Crime File: Gardaí warn Limerick public as online loan scam targets would be borrowers

Gardai are looking to caution the Limerick public about Advance Fee Fraud.

“A number of fake websites are offering un-secured loans and are targeting vulnerable persons who have had difficulty obtaining loans from established financial institutions. A person applies for a loan through a website that offers loans which will be processed quickly. The person provides lots of details including contact details. Within a very short time, often minutes, the person will receive a call or communication informing them that their loan application has been approved and providing details of the monthly repayment. The person will then be asked to send an amount of money to the lender and different reasons given for this” admitted Sergeant Ber Leetch

Gardai received a report of an advance fee fraud this week where a lady applied for a loan on-line from a site that…

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