November 16, 2021

Cruel fraud took £100k from our dying father | Money

My 85-year-old terminally ill father was conned out of his life savings, with very little monitoring by his bank, Barclays. After retiring at 84, he still had an inquisitive mind and spent time researching many things online. He had approximately £100,000 in investments in legitimate companies with Barclays and another investment company, unbeknown to us.

My father started to get cold calls from various “companies” and in October 2019 he received one from a JJW Consultancy based in Singapore. Over a series of calls he was persuaded to invest in SES Mining, in China. The caller was persistent and forceful and persuaded my father that the investment needed to be done immediately.

In November 2019 my father transferred £26,000 from his Barclays Investment account into

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