October 16, 2021

Cryptocurrency news – Bitcoin up as latest Coinbase market prices for Shiba Inu, Ethereum, Pi coin & Cardano revealed


Jeff Bandman, a cryptocurrency and digital assets expert, told Forbes: “For some countries seeking an alternate path to pegging their currency to the dollar, sterling or euro, an intriguing choice is whether to outsource monetary policy to the Bitcoin algorithm. 

“Since Facebook introduced the Libra proposal for a global stablecoin over two years ago, policymakers have focused considerable attention on the risks of a stable coin issuer with billions of potential users conducting or exercising undue influence over monetary policy.  

“Because of Bitcoin’s price volatility, it has been largely discounted by sovereigns until recently, missing the potential benefits for consumers and businesses who rely on its transparent algorithm, which in some instances, maybe more predictable than another country’s central bank.”

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