October 20, 2021

Cryptocurrency price news – ISO 20022 to be implemented by all federal banks as Shiba Inu coin ‘could be on RobinHood’

THE US Federal Reserve revealed Monday that all federal banks are going to use the ISO 20022 system for Fedwire Funds Service, and rumors ran rampant the Robinhood may start listing Shiba Inu coin.

“The Fed Board asks the public to comment on its plan to enable the FFS to start running on ISO 20022,” U.Today reported.

Meanwhile, Shiba Inu coin saw more gains today after unconfirmed rumors that Robinhood might begin listing it spread, according to Stockhead.

Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell also announced Thursday that there are no plans to ban cryptocurrency in the US, and prices soared 10 percent.

Meanwhile, in El Salvador, the country has made its first forays into Bitcoin mining using power generated by a volcano, according to a video released by state-owned geothermal electric company, LaGeo SA de CV.

The first Bitcoin mining rigs have been installed in an energy factory there, where weeks ago, President Nayib Bukele made…

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