November 16, 2021

CryptoRom Scam Steals More Than $1.3 Million, Explained

Dating apps have social uses, but some of the interactions that take place on the apps might involve a malicious party. Scams occur occasionally on these types of apps. You can find fake accounts that often look to expose people’s privacy. The CryptoRom scam is one of the more recent scams that use crypto to lure people in.

What is the Apple Enterprise Program?

The Apple Enterprise Program is a program intended for businesses to build and test out apps. The program is only meant to have these businesses test out the app internally with employees. It’s a much less strict process than having an app approved on the App Store.

To be eligible for the program, the company must be legit and must consist of 100 employees or more. So, small businesses like DBAs aren’t eligible. If a business is accepted into the program, it costs $299 per year for a membership and the entity will receive a…

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