October 20, 2021
Real Estate

Culver City Real Estate Market Grows Into Content Capital – The Hollywood Reporter

In 1995, Adam Lilling, founder and managing partner of PLUS Capital, a venture advisory firm that helps talent invest in startups and build brands, moved into an office in Culver City, whose glory days as the home of MGM and RKO were long past. “The office we were in always leaked — if it rained you had problems,” he recalls. “You just drove to work and you drove out of there. [Culver City] was not a place you wanted to stop and spend time. … My perception was it was just a sleepy and warehouse-y place.”

Fast-forward to 2021: Amazon Studios, WarnerMedia, Apple and TikTok have all taken office space in the city in the past four years, joining Sony, which purchased the old MGM studios in 1990. On Oct. 8, Apple announced that it was further increasing its presence in Culver City; it is building two new connected facilities along National and Venice boulevards…

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