November 17, 2021

Cyber risks escalating for ag businesses large and small, expert warns


THE agricultural sector is rapidly increasing its use of technology but falling behind in cyber security – making it the perfect target for cyber-attacks, experts warn.

The ransomware attack that forced the week-long closure of JBS’ Australian operations earlier this month was not a one-off event but the latest escalation in a string of cyber hacks on Australian agricultural supply chains.

Others have included Bega Cheese and Cadbury’s Tasmania operations in 2017, and the Talman wool auction software system and the Lion’s Australian brewing and dairy processing operations last year.

Markus Hugenschmidt

While big attacks attract public attention, small businesses in agriculture are also attractive targets for cyber criminals for a range of reasons, says Cybersecurity expert Markus Hugenschmidt of Jam Cyber, including the potential to redirect invoice payments and the…

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