September 17, 2021

“Dad’s last dollar” returned

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) – Just over a year after it was stolen, a special dollar bill carried by a Marietta woman for 21 years has been returned.

Carrol Hart told WTAP last summer that she had carried a dollar bill with the words “Dad’s Last Dollar 1999″ written on it for more than two decades and that it had been stolen along with her wallet.

The dollar was one of the few things in her father’s wallet when he unexpectedly died in 1999.

“It was my dad’s. It belonged to my dad and that’s one thing that I had that no matter how broke I was, I’d never spend it,” Hart said at the time.

Hart’s sister Becky Clift found a blank envelope in her mail box on Wednesday with the missing dollar inside.

“It sure is unbelievable,” Clift said. “Believed it was long gone.”

We’re working on setting up an interview with Hart. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

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