November 17, 2021

Daily Briefing: Deaths doubled in last six weeks in all but four states; AAP, SP allege scam in Ayodhya land deal

The Second Wave

The Covid-19 death toll in every state barring four has at least doubled in the last six weeks. In a few states, the toll has increased by close to four times. Nearly 2.1 lakh Covid-19 deaths have been recorded in the country since April 1, more than 55 per cent of which have been reported by the five states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh.

Officially, Jharkhand reported 3,864 deaths due to Covid-19 during April-May this year. A door-to-door survey to capture data on deaths during the second wave of the pandemic has revealed that 25,490 died during the same period. However, officials say not all deaths were due to Covid and will ascertain the cause in another exercise. 

Only in the express

Meanwhile, the government intends to cover 80 per cent of the 130 million falling in the 12-18 year age group when it opens up Covid-19 vaccinations for children. 

The CBSE Board is

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