October 20, 2021

David Swensen investment tips: 10 tips from David Swensen to achieve ‘unconventional success’ in investing

David Swensen is not an everyday name in the investing world, but few can rival him on the list of legendary investors.

Swensen was among the most influential investors of his generation and was the pioneer of the ‘endowment model’.

He was also the Chief Investment Officer at the multi-billion dollar fund, Yale, where he delivered top performance over multiple decades.

Swensen’s innovative and diligent approach to asset allocation became popular as the ‘Yale Model’, and revolutionised endowment investing.

Over three decades, Swensen took the Yale Endowment from $1.3 billion to over $30 billion, averaging over 12% annual returns along the way.

He showed that less-than-efficient markets offered opportunities for smart investors. He died at the age of 67 after a long battle with cancer.

Investment philosophy
Swensen’s investment principles were based on the power of…

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