September 17, 2021

Daytona Chamber of Commerce offers program for minority businesses

DAYTONA BEACH — Sekou Toussaint, entrepreneur and inventor of the Trash Caddy, is taking advantage of resources offered through the Daytona Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce to strengthen his business model.

Chamber president Nancy Keefer said the Daytona Business United Minority Scholarship program is dedicating $27,000 in funding to assist minority-owned businesses. 

The program focuses on education, mentorship and engagement. 

“It’s a program where we take in minority business owners through a two-year immersion into business,” said Keefer. “They’re already in business, they already have a license, but they might not really know how to grow the business.”

Participants are partnered with successful consultants in the area.

“We work with our Small Business Development Center on the training and consultation piece of it.,” said Keefer. “All of our participants…

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