August 2, 2021

Deadly Motorcycle Crash + WCSO Scam Alert + Ban Mask Mandates

Good day, people of Marietta! It’s me again, Christopher Schmitt, your host of the Marietta Daily.

First, what the next three days of weather look like:

  • Tuesday: Mostly cloudy. High: 87, Low: 65.
  • Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High: 82, Low: 58.
  • Thursday: Partly cloudy. High: 83, Low: 62.

Marietta historical tidbit of the day:

Marietta can thank its link to the rest of the country to a former hotel owner named S. Durward Hoag. Initial plans from the late 1950s for the nation’s modern highway system had left Marietta out. Hoag brought this omission to the attention of local business owners and civic leaders. A plan was developed to finance the straightening of the proposed route, and use the savings to bring I-77 through Marietta. They were able to convince the Ohio legislature this was a good plan and the rest is history.

*City Into Town, Cayton and Riggs

Cheapest gas in town:

  • BP on Pike Street,…

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