September 24, 2021

Deathloop, Bethesda’s spiritual successor to Dishonored, released tomorrow | Science & Tech News

Bethesda’s new AAA game, Deathloop, hits the UK market on Tuesday, and though it’s a fresh title, its DNA is all too familiar.

Building on the success of the immensely popular Dishonored title, Bethesda has created a new beast entirely.

Drawing on elements of stealth and supernatural powers found in Dishonored, the game integrates those functions and mechanics to create an enthralling new thriller.

Dying in video games is rarely the end of the journey for the player, but Deathloop takes that concept to a whole new narrative level.

The game takes the concept of players’ characters dying repeatedly to a new place

Playing as the protagonist, Colt, you must break a time loop that envelopes the world – a time loop that resets when you die, or complete a level.

By replaying different levels, the player…

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