October 20, 2021

Debt ceiling blues for the world’s largest economy,

Walton County recently held a groundbreaking ceremony for the new industrial park’s water and sewer infrastructure. Estimates forecast the project, located just south of DeFuniak Springs, will bring hundreds of new jobs to Walton County. In addition, it is a perfect example of how government spending on infrastructure can spur development.

According to a press release, $3 million of the cost came from the federal government. The balance, $1.7 million, came from the Triumph Gulf Coast’s BP settlement. Walton County benefits from government spending, but Congress is playing chicken with the debt ceiling. It’s never wasteful spending when the deal is local, doncha know?

By the time this is published, we should have some clarity. Then, indeed, sanity will prevail, and Congress will figure a way to raise or suspend the debt ceiling. After all, it covers undertakings…

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