November 17, 2021

DeFi p2p Binary Options Platform Value Network Raises $250,000 in Seed Investment Round

Value Network allows users to create binary options markets based on their own parameters, including the trading pair, price level and expiry time of the binary option. The platform also always includes automated markets with different expiry times. The main advantages of the project are the calculation of p2p bets via a smart contract and obtaining price values from the Chainlink oracle. The project recently closed a $250,000 private round, with two business angels as investors.

Value Network project started in 2018 and implemented MVP platforms of decentralised collateralised loans built on Ethereum smart contracts. In 2020, the project made a ‘pivot’.

“Having analysed a large number of 2019 projects in my own blog, I saw the strengthening of DeFi’s fundamentals in the market. By September 2020, we had chosen a new niche and Value Network project came into existence as a binary options platform,” commented Artem Levin,…

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