November 14, 2021

Delhi Couple Duped of Over Rs 5 Cr by Fraudsters On Fake Promises of Handsome Returns On Investing Their Savings

New Delhi, October 16: An incident of fraud has come to light from delhi where two men were arrested for allegedly duping an octogenarian couple of nearly Rs 5.24 crore. According to a report by Hindustan Times, the fraudsters cheated the couple after tricking them into investing their lifetime savings into a website development company. They also promised them to double the returns and attractive deals.

Soon after the scam came to light, the Delhi Police’s economic offenses wing (EOW) arrested 29-year-old Ankit Thakur and 28-year-old Vinod Arya. As per details by the cops, the cyber crooks got acquainted with the elderly couple while working for a mutual fund company, in which the couple used to invest money. Mumbai Woman Duped of Rs 1.49 Lakh By Cyber Fraudsters On Pretext of Providing High Returns For Playing Online Game.

The victims of the fraud were a woman and her visually impaired husband,…

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