September 27, 2021

Delhi’s new smog tower: the technology, the impact, the evidence

Ahead of its infamous smog season, Delhi on Monday got a ‘smog tower’, a technological aid to help combat air pollution. How does a ‘smog tower’ like the one inaugurated by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal behind Shivaji Stadium Metro station work?

Components of smog tower

The structure is 24 m high, about as much as an 8-storey building — an 18-metre concrete tower, topped by a 6-metre-high canopy. At its base are 40 fans, 10 on each side.

Each fan can discharge 25 cubic metres per second of air, adding up to 1,000 cubic metres per second for the tower as a whole. Inside the tower in two layers are 5,000 filters. The filters and fans have been imported from the United States.

Image: Tata Projects

Smog tower: How it works

The tower uses a ‘downdraft air cleaning system’ developed by the University of Minnesota, said Anwar Ali Khan, senior environmental engineer,…

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