September 27, 2021

Delta variant fueling national concerns but Utah economy still revving

A growing number of economic red flags are appearing amid rising concerns that resurgent COVID-19 infection rates could lead to a secondary U.S. economic dip.

Declining consumer sentiment, a freshly janky investment community and new rumblings of caution from fiscal policymakers may foreshadow some slowing of a recovery that’s been moving in a positive direction for months.

For now, data reflects Utah’s economy continues to be among the most robust in the country, but it’s one that would not be immune from exigent circumstances, should they worsen.

Long-running, benchmark consumer surveying from researchers at the University of Michigan found sentiment among U.S. shoppers took a precipitous turn in the first half of August, declining over 13% from July. The report notes the change was among the biggest negative drops on record, all of which portended significant economic…

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