June 22, 2021

‘Di, Saba’ – How the grandkids keep me grounded

Of all the wonderful two-word expressions in language – Shabbat shalom, welcome home, good night, let’s eat – my absolute favorites are the ones my grandsons say over and over whenever we meet: “Di, Saba” (Stop, Grandpa).

I love it. Those words put a smile on my lips during tense times, they make my bleary eyes gleam. I like so much how they say “Di, Saba” (“Di,” pronounced as in Lady Di) with such feeling and gusto that I even recorded it and play it whenever I’m down, which happened not infrequently during the recent Gaza crisis.

Sometimes after listening to the depressing news of riots in Jerusalem, rockets on Sderot and Ashkelon, synagogues in flames in Lod, I would reach for the recorder on my phone just to hear a recording of the sons of Skippy, aged three and nearly two, chirp those delightful little words.

“Di, Saba.” It grounds me.

And when…

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