November 17, 2021
General News

Dickson Yeo had approached various people in Singapore, applied for government jobs to get info: ISD, Singapore News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – Dickson Yeo had approached various people in Singapore, relying heavily on social networking platforms to reach out to them and gather information at the behest of a foreign country, said the Internal Security Department (ISD).

He had also attempted to find jobs in a range of positions in the Government, thinking that he could access information of interest to his foreign handlers.

However, the department’s investigations showed that no classified government information pertaining to Singapore had been compromised as a result of Yeo’s activities, a spokesman told The Straits Times on Tuesday (June 15).

Earlier in the day, the agency overseeing domestic security announced that Yeo had been detained for two years under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for acting as a paid agent of a foreign state.

He was arrested by the ISD on Dec 30 last year after he was deported to…

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