June 13, 2021
Real Estate

DOJ Secures Guilty Pleas For Real Estate Crimes


Federal authorities secured guilty pleas in cases involving a city building inspector, a house-flipping Brooklyn attorney and Eric Malley, pictured, CEO of a property investment firm (Getty, iStock)

When City Department of Buildings inspector Francesco Ginestri visited a Queens construction site last summer, he was there to make a deal. The contractor had been issued a stop-work order, but Ginestri promised that in return for a cash payment — a bakery would be the dropoff point — a hefty fine could be avoided. Instead, federal authorities in February charged Ginestri with soliciting a cash bribe.

On May 19, the now former inspector pleaded guilty to solicitation and receipt of a bribe, in federal court in Brooklyn. Ginestri’s case was one of three guilty pleas involving real estate-related crimes that the Department of Justice secured this month in New York.

Here are the…

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